Zi Wan (Mi Zhi) – 蜜紫菀 – Aster Root (Processed)


Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1; granules (100g/bottle).

Chinese Name: 蜜紫菀, Zi Wan (Mi Zhi)
Alternate Name: 蜜紫菀, Zi Yuan (Mi Zhi)
English Name: Aster Root (Processed)
Latin Name: Asteris Radix Praeparata


Properties: Bitter, pungent, sweet, slightly warm; lung meridian entered. Expels Wind and invigorates the Blood; Reduces swelling; Moisten lung to resolve phlegm and stop cough; Cough with phlegm.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.25 in