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Authentic Herbs

Our premium herbal extracts are made from herbs sourced directly from over 300 farms across China. The herbs are authenticated using botanical fingerprint standards developed by our supplier and adopted industry-wide by the CFDA.

Backed by Research

From seed to production to consumption, our products were developed based on research, and continue to be developed through research partnerships with 22 research universities and 26 TCM hospitals.

Potent & Pure

Treasure of the East herbs are extracted, granulated, and packaged using technologies protected by 30 patents. The results are herbal extracts of exceptional potency and purity.

Tianjiang China Trip

The Tianjiang-sponsored trip to China was a game-changer. We were 28 acupuncturists on a 10-day guided tour through China, visiting hospitals and doing rounds, visiting one of Tanjiang's many herb farms, their manufacturing plant, and we'd be taken to a broadway-esque show, a few tourist site and then home. I'd never been to China, always waiting for the perfect opportuity of travel, historical site and Chines Medicine. Know More

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