Er Xian Tang – 二仙汤 – Two Immortals (Capsules)

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Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1 capsules (100 caps./bottle).

Item Number: E015-c
Chinese Name: 二仙汤, Er Xian Tang
English Name: Two Immortals

Formula Principles:

  • Replenishes Kidney Yin and Yang
  • Tonifies Kidney Jing
  • Purges Deficiency Fire
  • Regulates the Chong and Ren*


Tian Xian Mao Curculigo Rhizome
Xian Ling Pi Epimedium Herb
Ba Ji Tian Morinda Root
Dang Gui Chinese Angelica Root
Zhi Mu Anemarrhena Rhizome
Huang Bo (Chuan) Phellodendron Bark

TCM Pattern

  • Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency
  • Disharmony between the Chong and Ren Channels

Also available as Granules.

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