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Herbal Pharmacy Essentials: An Introduction


As you probably know by now, running an herbal pharmacy comes with its challenges – managing inventory, choosing the best Chinese herbs, what to carry, preparing formulas efficiently, pricing your herbal formulas, improving patient compliance, and serving patients in between visits or even virtually.

We are here to help you tackle these challenges!

Why? Because there are so many benefits that come with running a successful herbal pharmacy. Among them – and topping the list – is the ability to give your patients the best clinical results possible.

And, upgrading your current Chinese herbal pharmacy doesn’t require big or dramatic changes, either.

In our Herbal Pharmacy Essentials series, we’re bringing together clinical pearls with useful business tips that you can put into practice easily, and at your own pace.

“Better Results with Better Herbs”

Finding the right herbal products for her own pharmacy was exactly what led our founder, Dr. Ann Wang to Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals. On a quest to find better Chinese herbs for her patients, Dr. Wang discovered the renowned granule herb supplier to China’s top hospitals and clinical research institutions: Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals.

Returning to her Ithaca, New York clinic in late fall of 1994, Dr. Wang started prescribing the new full-spectrum Chinese herbs to her patients. The results were immediate: an infertility patient became pregnant, another’s hypertension reduced, and cold and flu cases cleared faster.

Dr. Wang’s practice in Ithaca, NY

Dr. Wang described this discovery as “digging up the Treasure in the East to bring back to the US.” Shortly thereafter, Treasure of the East began its operations as Tianjiang’s FDA-registered general agent and distributor in the US.

Dr. Ann Wang, Ph.D, L.Ac.

Dr. Wang’s story is the inspiration for this Herbal Pharmacy Essentials series, and for everything we do here at Treasure of the East to support our community of practitioners.

We hope you’ll discover something new about full-spectrum herbal granules in this series, and in particular, about Tianjiang Treasure of the East’s line of premium herbal extracts. (We may be a little biased, but we think they are the best Chinese herbal extracts on the market!)

Stay tuned for our next article, and let us know if you have a specific topic or question we can cover in the series!