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About Us

We started with a trip to China in 2019. I’d heard about Treasure of the East, but they didn’t have a large presence on the west coast and I was curious. I thought there must be a catch, great prices, top-notch research and quality control–there had to be a catch.

Having practiced acupuncture since 2006, I’ve watched our field grow without any centralizing union or group to guide us as we’ve straggled in different directions, using different products, setting up our practices to match our sensibilities. I first graduated summa cum laude from UCLA, then earned a master’s degree in Oriental medicine from Emperor’s College. During my time there I became pregnant, and utilized the school’s resources for a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy and postpartum experience. Having gained firsthand knowledge of the benefits of herbal therapy and acupuncture for pregnancy, fertility, and women’s issues, I chose to focus my practice in that direction. I stumbled more than strode, but I learned the hard way and eventually, I thrived. I had no intention of starting an herbal distributorship, I’d streamlined into a successful practice where I was able to bring others on board and everyone seemed pretty content, including myself.

So when I got the email to go on a trip to China with Treasure of the East, I’d received similar emails and passed, but I’d always been curious about their products and I spontaneously decided to go.